Tips On How To Backpack Successfully In Indonesia

Whether it is pictures from Instagram that put you up to it, or a recommendation by a friend, we totally support your decision in selecting Indonesia for your 2 weeks in Thailand cost. If you happen to like the low budgeted backpacking, then here are a few tips to you…

  • Budget it all out – like with any other trip, it’s vital that you budget this entire episode; not only so that you don’t overspend, but also that you can prepare better for it. Have a good idea about where you might be spending the nights in, and where you will be eating. You might want to do a proper research regarding it before you leave home. If you have an international license (and the courage to zoom your way through an unknown country without a guide), then hiring a motorcycle will be the cheapest mode of transport. A 2 weeks itinerary Indonesia trip might not feel like it will cost you much, but there’s a chance you might be caught unaware.
  • Know the right places you want to visit – are you someone who likes to do all the popular tourist spots? Or someone who would rather forgo all the traffic that tourists bring, and simply bask in the welcome of the natives? What ever you happen to be or choose, it’s important that you remember that Indonesia is quite a large country, and that it might take you quite a bit of time to enjoy the whole of it. A better bet would be to select a certain part of the country, and concentrate on exploring it to your best.
  • Have a good idea about the activities you plan on doing – the activities you plan on doing once you get there actually makes a huge difference in “how much does it cost to go to Bali”. If you avoid doing the touristy things, and make your own way around this beautiful land, chances are that you can plan your activities to suit you (and your travel companions) better. Remember that you can always choose to skip an activity and simply enjoy the moment and place you are currently at.
  • Be ready for the weather – are you visiting Indonesia during its monsoon weather? Or have you managed to time your vacation during the sunnier weather window? For the monsoon weather, it is always best having the right cover ups and shoes; as well as your backpack protectors. Sure, it’s not all that fun to trudge around in the rainbut it’s better than wasting time sitting around in your hotel room. As for the sunnier weather, appropriate clothing, suitable hats, and sun blocks are a must; particularly if you have sensitive skin that burns easily.