The Tips You Wish You Knew When Hunting For Flats

If you have ever rented out an apartment before, you will know that no matter how careful you are, there will always be some point you forget to check in your apartment, and sometimes, it can ruin your whole experience. It may be noisy flatmates and neighbours at night, or it may be the presence of unwelcome pests or bugs. Below are some lesser-known tips to help you in avoiding such issues when hunting for apartments!

Check the cell reception in the house – in today’s age, cell reception is a definite must in any house, but the problem is that there are plenty of apartments that somehow seem to have a decent reception only in their balcony. You definitely want to avoid that kind of outcome once you move into your apartment – just imagine renting a 2 bedroom apartment Haymarket with your friend and finding out your bedroom is the only one without reception! Take out your phone and pace around the entire apartment to make sure there is good reception in every room – even the bathroom!

Check all the electric sockets – likewise, another important point to not forget is making sure that all the electricity sockets in the house work as they should. It is very common to find a number of sockets not working in apartments, and often, landlords will not fix them unless you call them out on it. Take a small electrical appliance or a tester, and check every socket individually to be one hundred percent sure.

Test the shower – if there is another thing you should check in the bathroom, it is the showerhead. Anyone goes into a shower expecting a high-pressure water flow, but you might be in for an unfortunate surprise if you fail to test this beforehand. And you definitely do not want to spend months or even a year bathing under a small trickle of water because you forgot to check this! If you do find that the water pressure in the shower head is not to your liking, inform the landlord beforehand and refuse to sign the lease until he or she fixes it.

Rent in the winter months – another brilliant tip for apartment hunting is looking for a new place during the right season. The summer and spring months tend to have the highest rental fees in the year – you can end up with an overpriced lease as a result. On the other hand, if you do make your rounds during the winter, you will find much lower rental fees. This is especially convenient for individuals looking for nice short term apartments as leases for a fewer number of months can be pricier.

Have pets? Get to know the costs – if you do have pets and plan to take them with you to your new home, then, your first priority will be looking for apartments that do allow pets. And if this is not hard enough, know that certain breeds of pets – especially dog breeds – as well as exotic pets tend to sometimes be forbidden in pet-friendly flats. Furthermore, be prepared to pay any additional fees to the landlord: this is often in the form of an increased security deposit, as well as extra insurance fees and the like.