5 Things A Woman Should Pack On Her Trip To Phuket

You might be planning a trip with your friends or family. The most important question is what you can bring on the trip with you. You can google and find specific lists on the net which will help you organize your suitcase a lot better. Here are some items which a woman should pack when she travels to Phuket: 

Pack some great accessories and topical ointmentsIt is important for you to pack an extra pair of sunglasses just in case a monkey or someone else breaks them into bits. Do not forget a top hat, sunscreen, bug repellant or tiger balm to ward off those nasty pests, hand sanitizer which will keep your hands clean, tissues and a pocket size handkerchief or towel. This will work as a great sweat absorbing fabric when you are sweaty and exhausted. The accessories will be great staple pieces for your Phuket resort package excursion which will be a trip of a lifetime!

Pack a few detergent packetsA few detergent packets are great as you can use them to wash your clothes in the sanctity of your room. Your clothes will smell great too. This will minimize the chances of you carrying out a heavy load of clothes from your home to Phuket.

Carry some easy topsYou must have some cotton in your suitcase! Cotton absorbs the moisture and not does not dry fast. It is great for humid weather as it will keep your cool and not smelling like dirty sweat. You can find t-shirts at Nike or Reebok which have great cooling fabrics installed inside the liners. These features work by sucking out the moisture from your body. They are great as you can wash them up and dry them quickly too. Pack a light tank top in a breathable fabric. You can take a white button up shirt which has roll up sleeves too. It can be worn under dresses too. Want to see more great destination? check this out!

Carry some light weight bottomsYou must carry some light weight bottoms which have breathable fabric. If you plan on visiting a religious place remember to bring some conservative wear. The ladies will be asked to cover their shoulders and the men will be asked to protect their feet. If you feel your pants are too warm try getting some jeggings or loose cotton baggy pants.

Take some great shoes with youYes shoes are important but you must wear the appropriate ones at the appropriate places. You can try wearing some flip flops which are good for visiting temples or churches. You must beware of shoe thieves who can rob shoes from you. Do not wear your expensive shoes out to the church or temple, buy a cheap pair of flip flops which you can even sport on your amazing Phuket resort package in the sun.

Remember to pack your clothes well. You must not pack items which are too bulky or thick as they can consume a lot of space.